Sparkle Like Sunshine has mastered the art of content creation. Any individual who has spent time working with social media knows how difficult and exhausting it can be to regularly produce content that attracts new visitors to your brand or company. Hiring in-house often produces meager results at best. At last, we have a solution for you. From the production of exciting new content, to proper engagement with current and new customers, our team has your social media covered. Sparkle Like Sunshine will grow your social media presence rapidly and with purpose. We offer social media services across two platforms: fully & partially managed.
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How It Works

Our social media services are offered across two platforms: 

Fully Managed Social Media
starting at $1,200 / month
With fully managed social media, the Sparkle Like Sunshine team will manage both content creation and your social media accounts. We create content that truly speaks to the heart of your customers. After we generate exciting new content for your brand, this content is then utilized through persistent and proper engagement with current & potential customers.

More Followers + More Leads = Increased Sales

Using our network of influencers, blogs, and collaborators, we've formulated a model that provides rapid social growth for your brand. We've developed a process that completely eliminates the need for in-house social media management. Our fully managed social media campaign will generate thousands of organic  followers, and increased leads, month, after month, after month. 

Partially Managed Social Media
starting at $600 / month
With partially managed social media, our team will manage content creation for your brand from top to bottom. Content is then turned over to our clients for use on their social media accounts. Images are regularly uploaded to our cloud, clients then continue to manage their social media accounts themselves.

Our team will work hand-in-hand with your company in both fully managed & partially managed social media services, in an effort to develop media and content that speaks to your audience. We always appreciate our client's inspiration and creative direction whenever available.

You regularly ship the items to us and we'll coordinate the rest. 
Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? Click below to get started.

Professional Social Media Services
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