If you're in need of high end lookbook or creative imagery you've come to the right place. Sparkle Like Sunshine provides stunning visual display of your products in unique landscapes. From apparel, to accessories, jewelry, and even consumer electronics, our landscape campaigns offer incredible creative and lifestyle imagery in a cost efficient format.

Our photo tours allow clients to take advantage of every location on the tour, while destination shoots specify a particular location.

Fall 2016 Rates:
Single Destination (2-3 products/looks) - $500
Photo Tour (5+ locations, 8-12 products/looks) - $1,200
Photo Tour (10+ locations, 16-24 products/looks) - $2,300


Utah Backcountry (Fall 2016 Tour) - autumn leaves, red rock cliffs, scenic waterfalls
Monument Valley (Fall 2016 Tour) - gigantic cliffs, stunning rock formations, historic highways
Sedona, AZ (Fall 2016 Tour) - stunning rock formations, autumn leaves, scenic creeks
Colorado River (Fall 2016 Tour) - waterfront photo shoots, beaches, red rock cliffs
Central Coast (Winter 2016 Tour) - oceanfront photo shoots, beaches, giant ocean cliffs
Redwood Forests (Winter 2016 Tour) - mammoth redwood trees, lush green forests, scenic creeks
Yosemite (Winter 2016 Tour) - winter wonderland, scenic waterways, gigantic cliffs, alpine forests, and more
Death Valley (Winter 2016 Tour) - desert oasis, sand dunes, scenic mountains, hidden flower fields
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How it Works

Sparkle Like Sunshine coordinates approximately 16-20 limited availability photo shoots each year in remote, stunning landscapes. We offer these photo shoots on a first-come-first-serve basis. Our destination photo shoots and tours allow multiple brands to share in the cost of a model, photographer, travel, creative direction, and post production. This results in significant savings for everyone. We provide the photographer, model, creative direction, and in some cases hair/makeup. Our clients receive stunning visual imagery of their products and unlimited usage rights to images we produce along the way. No travel expenses, no casting, and no headaches.

How many brands are represented in a single destination shoot or photo tour?
Space is very limited due to the amount of time and preparation required to shoot on-location. We setup for several days of shooting at each location, which allows us to shoot up to six brands per destination/tour.

Will my brand be represented alongside other brands?
No. We feature your product and your product only. There is a bit of give and take in select scenarios. If you sell hats, jewelry or sunglasses for example - we have to style our models with necessary clothing. We shoot and crop to feature your products.

How many of my products are you able to feature in a single destination shoot or photo tour?
All products are different but a general number we follow is 2-3 looks and/or products per destination, and 8-12 looks/products per tour. For example, fitted t'shirts would be much easier than long flowing dresses. There is no guarantee on the number of products we will feature, however, you're free to prioritize items and we'll follow accordingly.

How many images can I expect in a single destination shoot or photo tour?
We produce in the range of 12-20 lookbook quality images per destination, and 50-60 lookbook quality images per photo tour. All of these images are retouched with unlimited usage rights. Clients have access to the full database of images produced during our tour, and you are fee to request additional images at a small additional fee for re touching and usage rights.

Do you allow additional creative direction and/or suggestions?
Yes! We love when our clients provide us with insight as to what their brand is all about, and what they feel will sell best.

Who is the designated model and/or models?
Chasity Zamora is the primary model assigned to our 2016 and 2017 photo tours. You can view Chasity's Model Profile here. We do shoot with other models during our photo tours - these models are booked 3-4 weeks prior to our tour date.

Will you shoot with our own model or models?
Yes! We are equipped with a very large trailer and mobile studio that contains plenty of room for hair & makeup, wardrobe, or just simply cooling off in between sets. Shooting in extreme cold or heat can be quite a challenge, and we perform these shoots in spurts. Clients are responsible for providing their own model and travel expenses - we can coordinate the rest. Models must be booked a minimum of two weeks in advance so we can coordinate details between all parties. There is a small fee for this service. Please contact us directly for more information about providing your own model.

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